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I am a trained soprano with a 3+ octave range.  I was trained in opera at the Tulane University Music Dept, in Broadway by NYU's prestigious CAP21 and privately by Marge Rivingston whose clients included Linda Rondstat and Bette Midler.

I am also a trained classical pianist.  I don't perform on the piano, but it helps me as a singer to understand harmonies, chord structures and to sight read.

I am currently recording music for a documentary soundtrack including music written by my father, George Litto.  George Litto also co-wrote a song Louis Armstrong recorded in 1955 called, "MM-MM".  

All the arrangements have been done by Louis Forestieri, an amazing pianist and arranger who played and arranged for Lena Horne, Peggy Lee and Jack Jones. He also co-wrote some songs with my father, George.

Photo credit: Verofoto

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