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Born in Los Angeles, Andria Litto, has lived in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans and Italy.  Andria Litto is a writer-producer-director-performer who has worked in the industry in various capacities since 1987, starting at the young age of 15 as an assistant in the Costume department, taking a job on a film almost every summer until she graduated college.  She graduated from Marymount High School in Los Angeles, and went on to Tulane University.  She holds a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Literature.  She also attended NYU’s CAP 21 Musical Theatre Conservatory after college.  Andria has worked in almost every aspect of the film industry since her first job as a teenager.  In addition, she speaks four languages, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

In 1996-1998, while her father, George Litto, acquired a $100 million revolving line of credit up to $250 million for the production and financing of five films. Andria was involved throughout the entire process.  Her fluency in French, Italian and Spanish helped bridge the culture and language barriers with the investors, many of whom were European.

When George Litto Pictures, Inc., commenced in January 1998, Andria supervised the start-up.  Eventually, she oversaw all acquisition and development.  While at GLP, Andria associate produced the film, THE CREW, starring Richard Dreyfuss and Burt Reynolds, co-produced by Barry Sonnenfeld, released by Buena Vista in 2000.  During the same period, Andria also began writing screenplays, editing and revising screenplays and occasionally doing translations from Italian, French or Spanish into English for various screenwriters and producers. 

In 2006, Andria became the President of the George Litto Productions, Inc. Andria, along with George, were invited to become a board members of the IETFF, a film festival in Monte Carlo.  Andria facilitated a deal for NRDC, the largest environmental lobbying organization in the USA, to consult with the Principality of Monaco to “green” all events in Monaco, including the film festival and eventually the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.  As a result, the IETFF received immediate attention in the European press as the first “green” film festival, and NRDC continues to consult with the Principality of Monaco on their environmental sustainability. During the festival, she met Oliver Rothschild and discovered his passion for environmental sustainability.  As a result, Andria also arranged for Oliver Rothschild to retain the NRDC as a consultant for his Green Coffee Company.  

In 2007, George Litto Productions, the Estate of his late partner and CBS had a dispute that resulted in litigation over the televisions series HAWAII FIVE-0.  Andria Litto, having worked for GLP for a number of years found herself embroiled in the dispute.  In 2015, matter was amicably resolved pursuant to a settlement agreement on file in redacted form in the Los Angeles Superior Court file for the case. Over the years, having been a principal in three legal battles, Andria has received an education in writers' rights, contract law and civil torts that has proven to be an asset in negotiations, contracts and other business matters.


In 2008, Andria created software for the film industry with a group of European Investors.  The software was entertainment specific, cloud based software designed for production and development.   It was endorsed by WB Physical Production head, Steve Papazian, for use by its producers on the lot, many of whom used the early “beta version”.  Concurrently, Andria directed her first short film entitled, A SCROOGE MEETS CINDERELLA STORY…, a comedy about the chaotic life of a Hollywood Producer, which was also a promo for the software.  The software, called Producer’s Utopia, and the short film premiered and were featured at the American Film Market (AFM) in 2008.   The economic crash of 2008, however, prohibited the European investors from proceeding.  


Andria is currently the President of Amuse Entertainment, Inc, her own company, and of George Litto Enterprises, Inc., the company that controls all the literary rights, films and profit participations of her late father, George Litto.   She is the rights holder and sales agent for the films OBSESSION, directed by Brian De Palma, OVER THE EDGE by Jonathan Kaplan and THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK directed by Robert Altman.


Andria also made a Documentary film about her father, George’s participation in ending the Hollywood Blacklist.  The Documentary is called, “My Father Moves Mountains: How George Litto Bulldozed the Hollywood Blacklist.”  It has won critical acclaim at festivals around the world.  The film has won 30 awards at over 18 festivals from the US to India.  It also was nominated for the Gabriel Garcia Marquez prize for literature.  This prize was created by former Nobel laureate, Dario Fo, and its nominees are recommended to the Nobel committee. 


Andria has also written three original screenplays, THE LENGTH OF FORGIVENESS, based on true events of a University acquaintance rape, a romantic comedy, BLOW UP BOB, a comedy about relationships and the games people play and HOW LITTLE WE KNOW, a dramedy about love, ambition and an unusual family.  She has also adapted the book, UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD, the autobiographic novel by Liz Carpenter, the former Press Secretary to LBJ, Lady Bird Johnson and the first female Washington DC correspondent along with Helen Thomas.  


Andria has also has acquired the feature film rights novel entitled, “ANTISOCIAL” a story about an amiable serial killer who stalks his victims using social media and the dark web.  The novel was published by Harper Collins.  She has also acquired the “Jack Bertolino” best selling series of books by John Lansing, published by Simon and Schuster and has sold over 100,000 copies.  Andria is partnering  with producer Barbara De Fina (GOODFELLAS, CASINO, CAPE FEAR) on the book series, as well as her original screenplay THE LENGTH OF FORGIVENESS.  They're also developing other projects together.

Andria is also working with Anderson Kill, a law firm based in NYC, to finance film and TV projects with a social conscience and are a positive contribution to society.


Andria studied Theatre and Music at Tulane University in New Orleans, USC and NYU.  An avid singer with a 3 1/2 octave soprano voice and a legitimate Broadway belt, Andria has performed in stage plays, musicals, afternoon concerts and cabarets in LA and NYC.  She continues to sing at cabarets and dance classical ballet as her hobbies.

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