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Projects in Development

Feature Films

SHIKSE IN THE PROMISED LAND – FEATURE FILM – ROM COM – MULTI ETHNIC CAST - Set in NYC, Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea.  Ariana, our lead, grows up in an Italian family.  Her parents’ best friends are Israeli.  Ariana grows up with their two sons like brothers.  After breaking up with her boyfriend Raul because he doesn’t want to get married, Ariana must go to Tel Aviv to the wedding of her “Jewish brother”.  While there, she meets Marcus, cousin to the bride, and they are instantly smitten.  Before Marcus can woo Ariana, Raul shows up and leaves Ariana confused.  She walks away from both of them to think at the Dead Sea where she meets Moishe and Helen, and is followed by her Mother, her Jewish Mother and Miriam, a 70 year old woman with a potty mouth and nostalgic stories about her affairs with Marlon Brando.  Ariana must search her heart to make a choice.  A hilarious romp, with great and supporting funny characters, in the vein of a Rob Reiner film.  This movie has a subtle subtext of tolerance and inclusion between cultures and religions, while being edgy enough to attract a modern audience. 

BLOW UP BOB  - FEATURE FILM – ROM COM – MULTI ETHNIC CAST - Set in NYC - Rebecca (Becky) Davenport has had her heart smashed to smithereens, this time via voice mail.  After a series of failed relationships has left her devastated, her friends, Angie and Michelle, convince her that men don’t know what they want, and they only want what they can’t have.  When Becky meets her cute new neighbor, Drew, Becky pretends she already has a boyfriend and gets to know Drew as a friend. Angie and Michelle decide to give Rebecca a blow up doll so that she can her fake boyfriend to the next level.  Becky acts our her fake romance through sheer curtains in the voyeuristic West Village windows, where apartments across the street can literally be as close as a TV.  Becky feigns her romance, her boyfriend problems and ultimate break up as Drew watches and sympathizes.  Drew finally makes him move when he thinks Becky is newly single, only to find out he’s been played.  Can he forgive her?

HOW LITTLE WE KNOW – FEATURE FILM - ROM COM - Set in the fashion world of NYC, Kristina runs her father’s fashion empire, but longs for a label of her own.  She and father clash over her ambition and she quits.  After a miscarriage and her fiancé walks out, she decides to rebuild her life with the help of her closest friends.  One of her partners and investors, Andrea, an Italian photographer, and Kristina have secretly been in love for years, but she is type A, and he is womanizer.  It takes their new business and new baby for them to discover their true feelings.

UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD –   (FEATURE FILM/CABLE MOVIE) - FAMILY COMEDY - based on the novel by Liz Carpenter, which was published in 1996. Liz Carpenter, a no nonsense Texan, was most famously the press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson and one of the leading members of the National Women's Caucus, alongside Gloria Steinem and Erma Bombeck.  Erma said of her, "Liz makes Auntie Mame look like a shut in."  At 73 years old, with as Liz describes it, "One tit, a boggy ankle and the weakest bladder in Travis County", Liz inherits three un-housebroken teenagers from her eccentric brother.  This is the heartwarming and funny story of how this unconventional woman gives them a home, love and an extraordinary education while struggling through their teen angst.  The story ends with the family having dinner with the Clintons at the White House, bringing Liz's story full circle.


TV/Cable/New Media

ANTISOCIALCRIME/SUSPENSE DRAMA  - NOVEL PUBLISHED BY HARPER COLLINS.  ANTISOCIAL is the story of the eccentric and amiable serial killer, Arjun Clarkson.  An immigrant from India, adopted by American parents in Delhi, Arjun works for an advertising firm in social media in NYC, having left India and all its painful memories behind.  Arjun uses MY FACE (like Facebook) to find and track his victims.  He chooses people that we in society often joke about killing because they have behaved offensively and stabs them, leaving an "I FOUND YOU ON MY FACE" sticker behind as his calling card.   – POSSIBLE SERIES  - AMUSE ENTERTAINMENT, INC. owns the film/tv rights in perpetuity.



STAND UP GUYS CABLE/NETFLIX/AMAZON/HULU -  6 TEN MINUTE SIT COM EPISODES -  MULTI ETHNIC CAST - 4 Stand up Comics in LA. This show follows their sex lives, their careers, their failures and their epic bad judgment.  Hilarious, outrageous and sexually explicit.

THE LIONESSCABLE/NETFLIX/AMAZON/HULU – ACTION/SUSPENSE CRIME DRAMA – TREATMENT - Set in San Diego, Daniella Leòn, a Navy JAG Prosecutor and all around athletic bad ass, retires after 20 years in the Navy with a pension with the aim of becoming an advocate for victims of sexual slavery, abuse and battered women.  Her first case puts her unwittingly in the middle of a crime ring, as she ends up sheltering a group of girls found in sex slave ring that has ties to Organized Crime, Hollywood, Royalty and major political figures.  She becomes an “underground railroad” for victims, and as a result becomes a target.  The authorities, however well intentioned, are neither equipped nor attentive enough to the problems, and Daniella is often left to fend for herself and use her Navy basic training skills to extricate herself from danger.

All projects are the sole property of Amuse Entertainment, Inc. and Andria Litto.  All have been registered with the WGA, except the novel, "Antisocial",  which has been published by Harper Collins.  

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