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Producing and Consulting

I grew up the daughter of a well respected literary agent turned producer/financier/studio executive.  My father, George Litto, has had a storied career.  I learned a lot from him, both from his triumphant successes and from mistakes.   His clients were some of the best writers and directors in Hollywood, such as Dalton Trumbo, Waldo Salt, Michael Wilson, Brian De Palma, Robert Altman and Abraham Polonsky, who was also my Godfather.  I learned so much from all of them about writing, directing, filmmaking and being an artist.  My Godfather, Abe, had a profound effect on my desire to write and be an artist with something to say about the world.  He was an activist in addition to being a writer/director.  His passion and voice for social justice through art is something I carry with me to this day.


I started at a very young age and have worked professionally in the "industry" in various capacities for over 25 years.  I have worked in development,  pre-production, production, post and  dealt with sales companies, financiers, banks, lawyers, insurance companies and completion bonds.  I have unfortunately been through extensive legal battles with large media companies, banks and insurance companies that have given me a great deal of experience in the matters that pertained to those legal entanglements.  They included insurance guarantees, bank financial agreements, contract law, writers rights and other related matters.  It aids and assists me as a producer.

Before I was 30 years old, I produced and financed a $35M film with Barry Sonnenfeld, distributed by Disney.  I  found the property by building a relationship with Sonnenfeld's Creative Executive, Lisa Ellzey, who was also a producer on the film.  I was involved in negotiations for contracts with the bank and financiers, the deals for Mr. Sonnenfeld and his producing partner, talent deals and the issues with Chase Bank, with whom our company had a $250M line of credit.  In addition, I was a producer on set, managing the day to day problems with Sonnefeld's producing partner, the UPM and keeping an eye on things for George Litto Pictures, Inc., who financed the film. 


In addition, I have worked as a writer, script doctor, book editor and have many years of experience in development. I have worked with many writers on their rewrites, and I very much enjoy the process of collaborating.

I currently consult on non exclusive basis to production companies, actors, writers, producers and others seeking information, experience or a second opinion on production, development and any and all entertainment industry issues with which I am familiar and believe I can be of service.  I am particularly an asset to Europeans, since I speak Italian, French and Spanish, and am familiar with European customs, having spent ample time in Italy and France. 


I look forward to working with you.

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